Renters Insurance - Coverage and Discounts

Why renters insurance

  • Renters insurance helps protect you and your family from covered losses that occur in your residence or away from your home
  • Helps cover the loss of your belongings if they're stolen or damaged
  • Helps protect you from liability if someone has an accident on your property

Key coverages

Your property

  • Personal Property Protection (Coverage C)
    • Helps safeguard your valuables, such as furniture, electronics, clothes, and more
    • The value of belongings decreases over time. With renters insurance you are able to choose one of the following personal property options
      • Actual Cash Value - Replacement Cost minus depreciation
      • Replacement Cost - Reimbursed for the cost to replace with property of like kind and quality (subject to policy limits)
    • Typically extends to belongings away from the residence, such as in a car or hotel

  • Building improvements (additional protection)
    • We will pay up to an additional 10 percent of the amount of insurance shown on the declarations page under Coverage C for loss to building additions, alterations, installations or fixtures, made at your expense, in that portion of the residence premises occupied, but not owned, by you
    • For coverage to apply the loss must be sudden, accidental and caused by a loss we cover under Section I - Coverage C

You and your family

  • Additional living expenses coverage
    • Helps pay for increased living costs if a covered loss makes your residence uninhabitable
    • Such expenses typically include food, a temporary place to live and more

Other person

  • Guest medical coverage (Coverage Y)
    • Can help pay for reasonable and necessary medical expenses if someone is injured in an accident at your residence

  • Family liability protection (Coverage X)
    • Helps protect you from financial loss if you are legally obligated to pay for someone's injuries or damage to another person's property

Additional Coverages

  • BP - Increased coverage on business property
    • Increased coverage, beyond the limit under Coverage C, for business property held as samples or for sale or delivery after sale, while the business property is located on the residence property
  • DP - Increased coverage on electronic data processing equipment
    • Increased coverage, beyond the limit under Coverage C, for electronic data processing equipment and the recording or storage media used with that equipment
  • F - Fire department charges
    • The limit applying to fire department service charges under additional protection can be increased
  • I - Increase coverage on building improvements
    • Limit of liability applying to Building Improvements under additional protection can be increased
  • J - Extended jewelry, watches and furs
    • Increased coverage, beyond the limit under Coverage C, for sudden and accidental direct physical loss to jewelry, watches, gems, stones, gold platinum and furs
  • K - Incidental office, private school or studio
    • Extended coverage for equipment, supplies and furnishings used in a described office, private school or studio at your residence premises.
    • Limits apply to property on the residence premise, as well as property while away from the residence premise
    • This extended coverage excludes electronic data processing equipment or storage or recording media used with that equipment
  • LR - Lock Replacement
    • Increased coverage, beyond the limit under Coverage C, for reasonable expenses incurred to replace or re-key exterior door locks at the residence premises with locks or cylinders of like kind and quality.
    • Coverage is applied when a key to the lock is stolen as part of a covered theft loss.
  • M - Increased coverage on money
    • Increased coverage, beyond the limit under Coverage C, for money, bullion, bank notes, coins and other numismatic property
  • P - Business pursuits
    • Increased coverage, beyond the limits of Coverage X and Coverage Y, for specified business pursuits of an insured person
  • S - Increased coverage on securities
    • Increased coverage, beyond the limit under Coverage C, for accounts, bills, deeds, evidences of debt, letters of credit, notes other than bank notes, passports, securities, tickets or stamps, including philatelic property
  • SE - Portable cellular
    • Increased coverage, beyond the limit under Coverage C, for portable cellular communication systems in or upon a motorized land vehicle or watercraft
    • Applies only to portable systems that can be powered by electricity from a motorized land vehicle or watercraft
  • ST - Theft of silverware
    • Increased coverage, beyond the limit under Coverage C, for the theft of silverware, pewterware and goldware

      Refer to the policy for your state as a definite resource for applicable coverages and coverage limits.


  • 55 and retired
    • Applicable when one of the Named Insured's age is 55 years or older. Both the named insured and spouse, if any, cannot be presently gainfully employed full time or actively seeking full time gainful employment

  • Home and auto/Multiple Policy
    • Save money when you bundle your renters and auto insurance

  • Protective device
    • Applicable if you install protective devices such as smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, or a security system

  • Easy Pay
    • Save money by having your payment automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account

      Refer to the Rules and Rates for your state as a definitive resource for applicable discounts. Above referenced discounts may not be available in all states.

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